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Najlepsze wyniki dla rozmiaru 5×4 (20 elementów) Aktualizowane co 2 godziny

Najlepszy czas

  • 0:15(18)tortor
  • 0:15(18)PYTON
  • 0:16(17)Yvonne
  • 0:16(18)teres
  • 0:16(18)tt
  • 0:16(18)bob the polish man
  • 0:17(18)gaga
  • 0:17(18)MAJA
  • 0:17(18)Aiden the polish man
  • 0:18ensomme ulv

Najlepsza dokładność

  • 15kiwi
  • 16(0:16)tt
  • 16(0:16)PYTON
  • 16(0:19)teres
  • 16(0:20)gaga
  • 16(0:24)ensomme ulv
  • 16(0:27)RENIA
  • 17(0:22)tortor
  • 17(0:25)Yvonne
  • 17(0:27)Mariola
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22 jaka słodka no prosze...nawet nie azjatycka...18 ( : > OK 18 ok 27 teres czy jesteś na przepustce POLAND YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER!!! WE GOT IT, THE POLISH WILL PREVAIL Polish Supremacy Honestly the only war crime the Nazis commented in Poland was stealing the puzzles. yes bob the polish man i agree. #killnonpolishpeople2020 Aiden the polish man I agree. Any non-polish doing puzzles is guilty of cultural appropriation and should frankly be sent to jail. The only act of terrorism against Poles that even comes close to non-Poles doing puzzles is the invasion of the Nazis, but even that pales in comparison ensomme ulv does not deserve to be on this leaderboard. This is a place for sacred beings and they are an evil spirit. this kind of behavior should not be tolerable and should be taken off immeadiately. this is such a disappointment to us ladybug lovers and i hate when people like them try to disgrace this community. so this will be a warning for ensomme ulv to get off and never bother us again. Bob the polish man I agree, also the polish are the only people allowed on this site, we invented the puzzle in the 1760's and have honed the craft of puzzleing for centuries. Anyone on this website not polish should watch out as the polish people. Honestly the non polish people diserve to be wiped from the leader board as they disrespect the craft of puzzeling. Have a nice day The polish Mona the polish woman is a disgrace us polish people, women, and people named Mona. My disappointment is immeasureable and my day is ruined i dont care about a stupid apology aiden the polish man Mona the polish woman how dare you insult this puzzle, I can't believe that any competitor of this level, on this puzzle would ask for it to be easier, pls make your apology, and work to be a better community member. Thanks a fellow polish man im sorry i didnt mean that make it easier bitch

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